How to Disable the View Portal on VMware View 5.1

From a client system, users can open a browser and browse to a View Connection Server instance. The Web page that appears is called View Portal, and it contains links for downloading the installer file for View Client. Users can use View Portal to download the full View Client installer for both Windows and Mac client computers. Administrators can also configure settings so that the links on View Portal point to a different location than the VMware Download page.

However, sometimes, administrators decide that they want to completely disable this Portal, without disabling the brokering capabilities. Last week in an internal thread Mark Pryor provided an answer to the problem.

VMware View runs on top of Apache Tomcat and a standard Tomcat modification can be done to change this with little risk.


Attention: Please note that the modification below is not officially supported by VMware and you may use it at your own risk. Additionally, the changes may be lost on re-install/upgrade to VMware View.


1 – Add the following section to <installpath>\broker\webapps\ROOT\WEB-INF\web.xml inside the web-app tag:




2 – Add <installpath>\broker\webapps\ROOT\foo.html, fill it with your own content

3 – Restart VMware View Connection Server service


Going to will now show the contents of the custom file.


If you want to fully customize your VMware View Portal I recommend you reading Change the VMware View Homepage with VMView Portal eXtender.


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