How to Launch Horizon View Standalone sessions via vmware-view URI

Launching Horizon View Client and pointing it to different Connection Servers despite unsupported by VMware is somewhat well known at this point in time. I blogged about it a while back in my article VMware View 4.5 Command Line Usage.
However, the ‘-standalone‘ switch can only be issued from the Windows command-line, and I recently have been asked about launching multiple sessions against different Horizon View environments using the vmware-view URI. Coincidentally, there was at similar timeframe an internal VMware thread discussing the subject.
In order to change the Horizon View client when launching it via URI just add the ‘-standlone‘ switch to the Windows registry entry responsible for launching the client via URI. On the client device look for HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\vmware-view\shell\open\command] and change make the appropriate changes as described below.
@=”\”C:\\Program Files\\VMware\\VMware View\\Client\\bin\\wswc.exe\” \”%1\””
@=”\”C:\\Program Files\\VMware\\VMware View\\Client\\bin\\wswc.exe\” \”%1\” \”-standalone\””
Now all you have to do is launch the desktop using the vmware-uri with your favorite browser. Below you will find an example, but if you are not familiar with Horizon View Client URI I recommend reading VMware View Client URI Scheme by Simon Long.
vmware-view://[email protected]_IP_ADDRESS/management?action=startsession
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