Horizon View support and interoperability with Horizon Mirage

It took a little while, but the Horizon Mirage support for Horizon View is here!

In the context of VDI, Mirage offers centralized image management, and end-point backup and restoration, but it is important to remember that Mirage is also a great tool to manage physical end-points.

Let’s go back to virtual desktops…


In the past VMware made the following announcement: “It remains our goal to fully extend the benefits of Horizon Mirage’s image layering technology across both the physical and virtual desktop environments. That being said, it is important to note that Mirage and View were initially conceived with different objectives in mind and so interoperability at the underlying resource level is not yet optimized: some of the dynamics of how our agent uses CPU and Network in a distributed environment may be sub-optimal when deployed on a shared resource like a VDI server.


I’m glad that performance bottlenecks have been completely solved and I encourage you all to download the software trial and test the solution in your VDI environment.


How does Mirage will help my VDI deployment?

Mirage breaks up virtual desktops into logical layers before they are centralized. There are six main layers. The layers in blue always originate from the user’s virtual desktop – these are a user’s personal settings and files and user-installed applications. The layers in orange originate from the base VDI image or are assigned by the IT department.

The IT department has two Mirage features it could be leveraging for VDI: Base Layers and Departmental App Layers. If the IT department is using any of these layers, then the virtual desktop or groups of virtual desktops will have this data applied to it.

Mirage offers atomic application management via the Departmental Application layer. The layer is pushed as a whole, and has to be functionally validated against the Base OS layer.




Mirage enables single-instance store across all users and virtual desktops, and leverages the same index for network and storage de-duplication. This means that data is only stored once no matter how many users, virtual or physical desktops exists in an organization.

I recently wrote an article talking about a new deployment model utilizing Horizon Mirage that allow organizations to deploy non-persistent desktops, however treating them as persistent desktops. – Welcome to the new Transient Desktop deployment model.


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