Horizon View 5.3 and VMware VSAN Setup Video

VSAN reduces CAPEX for Horizon View deployments by leveraging inexpensive server disks for shared storage, avoiding the capital expense of specialized hardware. VSAN helps to reduce OPEX by greatly simplifying, and in most cases eliminating, day-to-day storage configuration and provisioning activities, yet allowing administrators to scale Horizon View deployments on-demand by adding hosts on the fly or hot-adding disks to existing server nodes.

VSAN can be thought of as both a scale-out converged platform (of both compute and storage) as well as hybrid storage solution (since it leverages both Solid State Drives and traditional spinning disks). Built into the vSphere kernel for lowest latency, Virtual SAN uses read/write SSD caching in each host and provides intelligent data placement within the cluster.

Horizon View 5.3 allows administrators to select VSAN enabled datastores to store persistent and non-persistent (linked clone) desktop virtual desktops.

For more information about Horizon View integration with VSAN please read my articles How does VMware VSAN help Horizon View? and How is Horizon View configured for VMware VSAN?


Here is a video demonstrating how to configure Horizon View 5.3 and VSAN:


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  2. […] Horizon View 5.3 and VMware VSAN Setup Video […]

  3. […] Horizon View 5.3 and VMware VSAN Setup Video […]

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