Enabling Horizon View PCoIP with dynamic IP address

Gabrie van Zanten at gabesvirtualworld.com published an updated to his PowerShell script that enables Horizon View to utilize dynamic IP addressing for PCoIP connections using whatsmyip.com. This pretty cool for people installing Horizon View at home for lab purposes.


Update: I have checked the script to work with VMware View 4.6, VMware View 5.0, VMware View 5.1 and VMware View Horizon 5.2. There was an update needed for the URL used to get the external IP address. Now using http://ifconfig.me/ip as URL. In Horizon View 5.2 there is a new URL, called the Blast External URL, to enable HTML5 for View. This URL can use a FQDN instead of IP so you don’t have to change it.


Check out his article here.


This article was first published by Andre Leibovici (@andreleibovici) at myvirtualcloud.net.

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