EMC World 2013 & EUC

EMC World is only in May (May, 6-9) but I am very excited because for the first time I’ll have a session in such amazing conference. As most of you probably know I used to work for EMC as a vSpecialist, and that’s what makes it even more special. I am also looking forward to meet my EMC colleagues.

If you have not registered yet, here is the link, and here is the agenda for the conference.


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I’ll have a special session this time around, covering Desktop-as-a-Service with a special storage technology and architecture twist. For that reason I will have Matt Cowger, extraordinaire EMC vSpecialist, with me on stage deep diving on how to put together and prepare your storage infrastructure for enterprise level DaaS.

From a VMware perspective I will also touch on all different technologies available TODAY that make DaaS a reality. We will also cover several different Market aspects , including licensing and costs.


Here is our session, make sure you register and attend!


VMware: Desktops-as-a-Service with VMware View & EMC
VMware View 5.1 provides an ideal platform for delivering desktops as a managed service for enterprise customers of all sizes. For many years, service providers have been daunted by technology and licensing challenges involved in building a viable service. VMware View can provide the foundation for building a service offering for delivering desktops from the cloud. Storage infrastructure is one of the backbones of a DaaS offering, however new storage technologies are rapidly transforming deployment models.


Now, if your organization is embracing BYOD, PYOD, Consumerization and Mobile workforce you should attend Scott Davis (VMware EUC CTO) session to find out what VMware is preparing and planning to help you manage this new and diverse workforce.

VMware: End-User Computing Vision for the Post-PC Era and VMware EUC Product Update
This session features VMware’s CTO for End User Computing discussing VMware’s vision for the future and the myriad of industry developments forming it.   Multiple devices, application platforms, mobile devices, Bring Your Own Device initiatives, Cloud computing, and next generation applications are combining to a profound effect on IT.  Learn about VMware latest EUC products including View, Mirage, and the Horizon Suite, DaaS, and a sneak peek and demos of technologies percolating in VMware’s labs to help IT manage and secure the Post PC era environment.


I hope to see you there!!


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  1. DaaS with View is a non-starter until VMware releases official View Agent support for Server OS’s – the only legitimate windows licenses available via the MS SPLA program. Citrix has been supporting this model for some time now with XenDesktop.

  2. Rick,

    Daas not necessarily needs to be multi-tenant or provided by a 3rd party service provider.
    If you organization has a portal where employees can order Windows 7 desktops on-demand and then be able to connect to the desktops, I would ague you have DaaS.

    Multi-Tenancy DaaS cannot be done with WIndows 7 due to lack of SPLA. It is possible, however, to transfer Windows 7 licenses to the Service Provider. In saying that, if hosts become available the service provider must not assign them to any other customer for 90 days. Yes, Horizon View does not provide support for Windows Server 2K8 that theoretically would solve te MS licensing issue.

    Despite Citrix is actually supporting Windows 2K8 with XenDesktop, in my opinion it is misleading to say they have a multi-tenant DaaS solution today. Their solution is not multi-tenant as it is sharing AD domains or Forests.

    I’ll write an article to cover that in depth.

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