Deployment Options for vCenter Server in a Horizon View Pod [video]

Starting in Horizon View 5.2, you can use a single vCenter Server to manage up to 10,000 desktops in a single Horizon View pod. VMware delivered this innovation in response to multiple requests from customers and partners.

Using a single vCenter Server, you can build a simple infrastructure that provides a single place to manage master images, fewer back-end databases and database servers, and a single vSphere Web interface to match the View Administrator interface. A single vCenter Server deployment drastically simplifies management.

In this video I try to exemplify fundamental architecture decisions that must be made when deploying Horizon View solutions. Watch the video below to learn all about it…. and subscribe to the VMware Technical Publications YouTube channel.



I would like to acknowledge the help and support from Matt Eccleston, Steven Khan and Chuck Potter to make this tech video happen.


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