Datrium was Hot at VMworld 2018. Here everything you should know, from Breakout to Community Sessions, Time-Lapse and Twitter Arguments

Datrium in on a roll, increasing momentum and awareness with customers, analysts, and partner community. Launching a new technology that disrupts an established market is never easy and required major efforts from a marketing perspective. So, I recently witnessed a Twitter discussion about how the HCI definition is changing and how Datrium is one of those newcomers blurring the lines in this nascent market. Purists tend to like to stick to strict definitions of what HCI means, while the rebels tend to embrace newer concepts a little easier. The discussion is long and goes in multiple directions and branches, but here is a good thread.

John Nicholson put this funny chart on Twitter depicting the positioning of each individual and ideas for the discussion.


The truth is that HCI as we know today is old technology (circa 2000) and improvements are being made not only by Datrium but by the industry, in general, to ensure the category can take on all types of applications and workloads with ease. Look at VMware VSAN now supporting AWS EBS, or Nutanix extending to support bare-metal workloads with iSCSI.

Some vendors are taking it further, integrating secondary, backup and long-term archiving. Or others, like Datrium, completely eliminating external products for a completely seamless DR. Yes, it is indeed a nascent market and a lot is yet to happen, so brace yourselves because innovation in the storage industry isn’t stagnating.


Back to VMworld… Datrium hosted a total of 7 sessions during VMworld, some technical and some community oriented. Here are the resources freely available that you can watch and learn with the Datrium team.


VMworld 2018 Talk: Automatic Failover to AWS when a Wildfire Approaches Your Data Center (Sazzala Reddy and Stuart Lewallen)



VMworld 2018 Talk: The DR site is dead, long live DR! On-demand DR on VMware Cloud on AWS (Ganesh Venkitachalam)



VMworld 2018 Talk: Existing Choices to Leverage VMware Cloud on AWS for DR (Andre Leibovici)



VMworld 2018 Talk: Harnessing the vCommunity to further your career (Simon Long)



The Cube: Sazzala Reddy, Datrium & Stuart Lewallen, Sonoma County



StorageSwiss Р Simple, affordable and reliable disaster recovery (Clint Wyckoff)



Datrium #VMworld2018 – VMblog Interview (Andre Leibovici)



VMworld 2018 Insight: Datrium and Evaluator Group (Greg Kleiman)


Since you got all the way to the bottom, ever wonder what it takes to set up a booth for a MEGA conference? Well, let’s take a look at a quick behind the scenes time lapse from VMworld 2018 in Las Vegas!


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