Datrium Audited as the Highest IOmark Benchmark Result in History – Mind-Blowing 10X!


“Datrium is the most scalable, fastest and lower latency storage solution (converged or not) on the market, beyond doubt.”


We already knew that our solution is really competent, but there’s nothing like a 3rd party audited benchmark to convince even the most suspicious greybeards. The results are mind-blowing!

In partnership with Dell and IOmark.org, we have been able to validate that Datrium achieved 8,000 VMs on a single Datrium converged platform running 60 servers and 10 data nodes. (Press Release here)

Let’s stop here for a brief moment because I need to make sure that you understand Datrium’s capabilities and how these tests were executed before we compare to other IOmark results.


1 – The purpose of the IOmark.org is to create and maintain benchmarks that allow users to accurately and fairly characterize storage systems running application workloads. IOmark is a storage benchmark, not synthetic. It replays real application workload traces. So the usual “that’s an artificial hero number” does not apply here, this is for real. The benchmark reports “number of VMs supportable by the system,” not just peak throughput. It also runs for a few hours (dataset population & then run, with vMotions, etc. going on in the background). So it’s like steady-state performance.

2 – Datrium ALWAYS runs with data services turned On (compression and deduplication), and it also ALWAYS protects data with inline Erasure Coding (N + 2). Furthermore, for the IOmark benchmark end-to-end encryption was also turned On.

3 – The servers were Dell C6320 using old generation E5-2697v4 Intel Broadwell CPU with 4 x 1.92 TB Samsung SSDs (PM863a), and each server was running VMware vSphere hypervisor, but the same results would be achieved with RedHat Virtualization (RHEV). The data cluster was formed of 10 nodes with 12 x 1.94 TB SATA SSDs (F12X2).

Ganesh Venkitachalam will be soon publishing the detailed story, results, and configuration, but you should have in mind that this audited benchmark establishes a real baseline to make apples-to-apples comparisons for storage subsystems and converged platforms.


This is an actual real-world system that anyone can buy today from Datrium without much thought, not a benchmark hero setup, and the fact that we did it with SATA and cheap Samsung SSDs (PM863a) is impressive.


Until Datrium, the highest IOmark audited benchmark was the IBM V9000 AFA with 1,600 IOmark VMs, and the highest hyperconverged solution was VMware VSAN with Intel Optane SSDs achieving 800 IOmark VMs. Datrium delivers not only 5X more performance than the previous IBM record and 10x more performance than the previous hyperconverged record but also has the lowest latency across all audited platforms. See for yourself all previously audited IOmark results here.



Interesting tidbit: The IBM V9000 benchmark was using only RAID 5 protection without Dedupe or Compression. The VSAN benchmark was using Intel Optane SSDs and only 1FT protection. Datrium was audited with (N+2) Erasure Coding protection, Dedupe, Compression, Encryption and cheaper SATA SSDs.


This article was first published by Andre Leibovici (@andreleibovici) at myvirtualcloud.net


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