Citrix XenDesktop with Nutanix Acropolis Sneak-Peek

The industry leading VDI solution is supported on Acropolis hypervisor today, both XenDesktop and XenApp. If you are a XenDesktop or XenApp shop, you now have a supported hyperconverged software-defined-storage solution to successfully run your deployment without incurring into vSphere licenses.

Despite fully supported by both Citrix and Nutanix today via manual provisioning, there’s no integration with MCS yet. The integration is coming for XenDesktop 7.6 very shortly and will be further enhanced with XenDesktop 7.7. Here is the Citrix page on Nutanix Acropolis ( and here is the sneak-peek demo.


For additional information read Kees Baggerman post Sneak peak on Citrix Power Management on AHV.

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