Changing Port on PCoIP Gateway

For multiple different reasons organizations may want to change the Default ports used by VMware View. I have previously explained how to modify VMWare View default HTTP/HTTPS ports using the file in my article Modifying VMware View Network Ports.

The HTTP/HTTPS listener is part of the sslgateway component, which also supports SSL tunneling. To configure the listening port, create or edit the file %programfiles%\vmware\vmware view\server\sslgateway\conf\

Whilst the described method works for View Connection Servers HTTP/HTTPS ports, it won’t work for PCoIP Gateways.

It is possible to change the PCoIP TCP/UDP listening ports, though not using the file. You will need to edit the Connection or Security Server Windows registry instead.

Browse to key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Teradici\SecurityGateway and set one or both of the following REG_SZ values:

  • ExternalTCPPort (the SSL connection, default: 4172)
  • ExternalUDPPort (the IPSec connection, default: 4172)

Now restart the PCoIP Secure Gateway service.

If you are planning to make use if non-default ports for PCoIP without network address translation (NAT) you will also be required to modify the PCoIP External URL for the security server to match.


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