CBRC and Local Mode in VMware View 5.1

This is a quick post.

In the last couple weeks I have seen two customer and partner email threads discussing the use of CBRC and Local Mode in VMware View 5.1.

After reading this excellent blog post from Narasimha Krishnakumar, Staff Product Manager, one of our partners asked the following question:

– What is the exact meaning of the sentence “The feature is not supported for use with desktops with the local mode feature turned on.”


Just in case you still don’t know what CBRC (View Storage Accelerator) is:
View Storage Accelerator Performance Benchmark
Sizing for VMware View Storage Accelerator (CBRC)
Understanding CBRC (Content Based Read Cache)
Understanding CBRC – RecomputeDigest Method


VMware has not completely tested the operation and integration of CBRC with local mode desktops as it does not seem like a practical use case and hence it is not supported. However, it does make sense that when checked in, desktops should be able to benefit from IO performance improvements provided by CBRC caching mechanisms. I believe that having CBRC enabled on a desktop pool that contain local mode desktops should not break anything and should operate normally. However, please note that VMware has not qualified the interoperability, and As soon I have an update on the subject I’ll post here.


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