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Launching VDI Calculator v3 with Partner support

I am excited to announce the version 3.0 of my VDI calculator. This new version introduces partner support, allowing 3rd party vendors to quickly demonstrate the benefits of their solutions, and allowing consultants and architects to see how those solutions impact their VDI and DaaS requirements. The first partner to be supported  is Atlantis Computing with …

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Welcome to the new Transient Desktop deployment model

Last week there was lots of attention to my article entitled “Open letter to non-persistent VDI fanboys…”.  There was a wave of comments. Twitter discussions went frantic, and the LinkedIn Desktop Superhero discussion board was the stage for a continued discussion on the subject. After reading the comments and the heated discussions I realized I …

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Launching VDI Calculator v2 with XenDesktop support

Approximately 10 days ago I launched the new revamped VDI calculator, now using Java Framework, and I am now introducing the Release 2.0 with full support to XenDesktop calculations for VDI environments running on atop VMware vSphere hypervizor. Why? Because most Citrix XenDesktop deployments run atop of the VMware hypervizor platform. I would like to …

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