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Datrium The Only Convergence Platform to Achieve FIPS 140-2 Cryptographic Certification

Datrium’s Blanket encryption is already an industry-first, providing software-based (without hardware dependencies) end-to-end encryption. Datrium’s client software runs as part of the hypervisor and is uniquely able to provide cluster-wide encryption domain with full data services, such as compression, de-duplication, and erasure coding. The encryption covers ESXi, RedHat Enterprise Virtualization and CentOS KVM host RAM …

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Datrium 4.0 – Welcome to The Cloud DVX! BaaS, CloudView and RBA

Datrium announcements are often characterized by technology improvements as an evolution of the shipping platform. However, we are on a journey to deliver the best practical solutions that bridge the operational gaps between on-premise and public clouds, moving organizations to a world where the underlying nuts and bolts are not relevant to achieving the best …

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Tomorrow @ 9 AM PST – Datrium #DVXBuilday Live with @vBrownBag and @thectoadvisor

This is a really short post. It always seems easy to write about a given technology and say it is faster, better and simpler. Is it really? We have partnered with @vBrownBag and @thectoadvisor to prove that we are not selling hot air balloons. Tomorrow (11-16-17 @ 9 AM PST)  you will have the opportunity to …

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