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VMware View fully virtualized GPU NVIDIA VGX [VIDEO]

The team at the Dell Solution Center recorded this video that demonstrate the power of the NVIDIA VGX virtualized GPU for VDI environment. In this video the display protocol in use is PCoIP. NVIDIA VGX uniquely addresses the user experience issues of traditional VDI by adding a fully virtualized GPU board into each of your …

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DaaS Scalability and Elasticity

Giving continuity to my recent Desktop-as-a-Service series it’s time to tackle those components that make a true DaaS solution be able to dynamically provision and de-provision resources on-demand, near real-time, without users having to engineer for peak loads.   This article is built on top of my previous DaaS articles: DaaS Identity Management, Federation & …

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DaaS Mobility and Portability

One of the fundamental concepts behind cloud-based workloads is Mobility & Portability. Mobility & Portability have been continually discussed over the years and we finally see cloud providers offering solutions to import/export workloads from/to their clouds. Amazon EC2 has a VM Import/Export tool that allow administrator to import VMDK, VHD or RAW file via the …

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