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Recovering Nutanix from a Node Failure [Video]

Every software of hardware system should have an easy and simple way to recover from failures, and Nutanix is not different. For test purposes I removed a host from my lab environment for few days and now I need to recover from the failure. All I need to do is to go to the Hardware …

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DaaS is a Non-Starter

A while back I published articles describing guidelines to what DaaS architectures should observe. My articles focused on Secure Multi-Tenancy, Elastic Resources, Automated Provisioning, Identity Management, Federation and Role Management, Self-Service Portals, and Reporting and Metering. I was mostly focused on DaaS aspects that relate to large service providers’ implementations. However, the reality is that …

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Understanding Web-Scale Properties

Last week Gartner released an article saying that by 2017, Web-scale IT will be an architectural approach found operating in 50 percent of global enterprises. Gartner Says By 2017 Web-Scale IT Will Be an Architectural Approach Found Operating in 50 Percent of Global Enterprises Web-scale IT is more than just a buzzword, it is the …

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