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How to Implement Docker Swarm with PostgreSQL and Web-Services on Nutanix ACS Shared Volumes

In my previous article we deployed an open-source PACS solution on Nutanix using Acropolis Container Services (ACS) and created a persistent volume for the application and the database – a native MySQL. While MySQL is the simplest solution as it is already backed into the application container, it has its limitations and is not scalable …

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Nutanix 4.7 and Asterix Features Overview (Beyond Marketing)

Another 4 months passed since AOS 4.6 was released and a new major Nutanix release with new features and improvements is about to be made available. The velocity with which new features and improvements are released by Nutanix is only comparable to what we see in the consumer space where apps are updated at an amazing pace for user’s delight. This blog post contains …

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Moving Virtual Machines between Hypervisors and Clouds

Cameron Stockwell recently published an article with a video where virtualization administrators seamlessly migrate virtual machines and workloads across different hypervisors. Cameron’s demo demonstrated an one-way migration, but Cameron also alluded to the fact that the upcoming release of Acropolis will allow two-way migration between AHV (Acropolis Hypervisor) and ESXi – and hyper-v in the near future. The use cases for this type of …

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