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Will the Cloud steal your job?

The article published by with the title “Burton Group’s Five Trends That Will Transform IT in 2010” was based on a research from Burton Group. I would like to get my hands on this research because out of five topics (better put as trends or tendencies) three of them are directly related to everything …

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The Structure of the New IT Frontier: Cloud Computing

The people from the Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering from The University of Melbourne has been doing an amazing job compiling a meaningful quick-reference document explaining Cloud Computing for newbie’s. The document answer question like “What is Cloud Computing and who are the teams playing in this space?” and deep also in service …

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Is cloud computing revolving back to Grid Computing?

A couple weeks ago I was at Sydney Google offices attending the Sydney CloudCamp and while there I attended the Cloud & Application scalability session. It was a very good session. CloudCamp is by nature an unconference and there are no specific subjects to discuss, no key notes and no presenters. The attendees are part …

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