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A Berkeley View of Cloud Computing… and Chargeback

Earlier this year Berkley’s Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences department published an article with Berkley’s view on What Cloud Computing is. 1. The illusion of infinite computing resources available on demand, thereby eliminating the need for Cloud Computing users to plan far ahead for provisioning; 2. The elimination of an up-front commitment by Cloud users, …

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A Bird’s-Eye Look at Cloud Computing offerings

Buzzword or not, Cloud Computing has been the subject of many discussions in the current IT industry that struggle to reduce costs. Vendors have been working tightly with their partners in a race to find out who gets first to the market and with the winning platform. Service Providers are hopeful that organisations will start …

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Pool: Is your organisation considering public Cloud providers?

Hi there, I’m currently writing an article about cloud computing and IaaS adoption; and comparing the service offerings already hitting the market. Please, take 20 seconds of your time and respond to this pool. Thanks.

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