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Datrium 3.0 – All New Features! Mind-Boggling Performance!

I recently published couple blog posts with all features being made available with the latest Datrium DVX software release. This is an aggregation of those posts for easy reading.   Red Hat Virtualization (RHV) support Linux Bare-Metal (RHEL and CentOS) support Docker Persistent Volumes (Virtualized and Bare-Metal) Full Data Services for Containers Split Provisioning (128 …

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Cache – The Datrium DVX Worst Case is Someone Else’s Best Case

A couple of times I have been asked about caching performance with Datrium DVX. It’s intuitive for people without an understanding of the technology to think that DVX performance is contingent entirely on the host cache and if nodes go down the caches would have to be rewarmed, or a full cache integrity checks would …

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Datrium 3.0 – Surviving all Host SSD failures!

Howdy, I recently wrote about the new Datrium 3.0 release with blogs here and here, including the support for Red Hat Virtualization and mind-boggling performance numbers. However, during my writing, I forgot to include a new and critical feature that adds enhanced resiliency to the platform and protect the applications even is the last local flash device …

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