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Reduce VDI storage IO with a RAM disk

VDI can be the worst nightmare for storage administrators without a properly sized SAN infrastructure. I’m not a storage guy (they are overrated 🙂 ) but if I was, I would be happy looking at my budget for the desktop virtualisation project. The IOPS discussion around VDI is no news and has been discussed here …

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NetApp Rapid Cloning Utility 3.0 now integrates with vCenter and View4

NetApp released few days ago a preview of their new Rapid Cloning Utility 3.0 vCenter Plug-in, integrating storage layer with vCenter and VMware View4. The RCU 3.0 provides end-to-end storage provisioning from within vCenter for infrastructures running VI3 & vSphere with support for FC, FCoE, iSCSI, & NFS datastores. Once storage and interfaces have been …

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RAID5 versus RAID10 (or even RAID3 or RAID4)

I am not a storage guy and to be honest all this discussion about RAIDs, Spindles, SATA, Flash, blocks and stripes doesn’t really get me. Despite I do have to know how this things work I would like to be able to pick from the shelf the best performance, security and reliability I can get. …

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