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Linked Cloning Storage Calculator

Linked Cloning technology and sizing has always been one of the VMware View design hot topics. Earlier this year I published the Sizing Storage for VMware View Linked Clones and the Real Life example of Storage Sizing for View Linked Clones guides. However, even after those articles I still receive requests to verify storage sizing …

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Disk Latency (another Case Study)

After the feedback on my recent post Host Swapping (another Case Study) I decided to share some more real world troubleshooting scenario. In this case study a small VDI cluster (VMware View) with approximately 120 virtual desktops and 6 hosts (average of 20 VMs per host at this stage). Users were complaining of slow performance …

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VPLEX – Missing enabler component for the Follow-the-Sun Datacenter?

If you are reading this post you are also probably aware that EMC publically introduced a new product on the market during EMC World 2010 – the VPLEX. If not, start here. As mentioned by Chad Sacak here VPLEX leverage what the New geo-dispersed write cache coherency technology. What does that do? In my own …

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