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Talking with on Datrium and OCI

During VMworld US I has the opportunity to chat in Portuguese with Valdecir Carvalho (@homelaber) from Valdecir has been doing a great job with the VMUG in Sao Paulo, Brazil and was curious about the Open Convergence innovation that Datrium is bringing to the market and in what ways OCI differs from HCI. I had a blast …

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Open Convergence and The Hottest Startup in Silicon Valley on SiliconAngle VMworld ’17

During VMworld, I had the opportunity to present at theCube on SiliconANGLE TV. Off course, Craig and I chatted about Datrium and Open Convergence technology. If you are interested in learning about OCI and want to understand the differences between HCI and OCI I recommend you to watch this video. “Datrium is the hottest startup …

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Is Datrium the Best Platform Ever for Oracle RAC?

Last week Datrium announced (here) a partnership with Oracle and the support for Oracle RAC (Real Application Clusters). As part of the announcement, we stated that the main reasons for running RAC on Datrium are:   Cloning, Snapshots, and Replication are fast and free, and this enables cloning of production databases for test/dev use, Mixed-use …

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