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Get hold of VDI IOPs, Read/Write Ratios and Storage Tiering

Getting the right storage requirements for VDI can be tricky in most situations. The reason for that is the lack of information about the workload that will be running in each one of the virtual desktops. It is possible to use some pre-trended numbers as baseline, however despite this would be an indication of what …

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APAC Virtualization Roundtable SPECIAL Edition (vForum Experts Exchange)

This week the APAC Virtualization Roundtable brings to you a special recorded session held during the Sydney vForum 2010. This session was called Experts Exchange: Desktop Virtualization Panel  and had a Q&A format. The 7 VDI and Storage specialists on the panel were: Andre Leibovici (VMware PSO) Jeff O’Connor (VMware PSO) David Lloyd (EMC) John …

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How to script Datastore Multipathing change using PowerShell

There is a recurring situation that I face whenever I am deploying a new VMware View environment (also applicable to any vSphere deployment) . Due to natural limitations on number of IOPS per datastore (LUN), VMware recommends that you size your datastores for a maximum of 64 virtual desktops. This number could be higher, however …

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