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VDI Bootstorm with VNX FAST Cache [Video]

I have been cooking some fresh new demos for the vSpecialist team at EMC. In the video below I demonstrate the effectiveness of the VNX FAST Cache comparing a 510 VM bootstorm with and without FAST Cache. To make things more interesting I did not allow VMware View to manage the controlled bootstorm and rather …

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The biggest Linked Clone “IO” Split Study – Part 1/2

Note: Part 2 of his article can be found here. In my article Get hold of VDI IOPs, Read/Write Ratios and Storage Tiering I discussed the importance of understanding the virtual desktop IO pattern in VDI deployments. On the same article I briefly discussed the I/O split between Replicas and Linked Clones. The main idea …

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VDI Base Image: The Missing Step

How far can you go when creating the perfect base image for your VDI deployment? I haven’t stopped searching for the Holy Grail, however I have recently figured out that a very critical step in the base image creation was missing, forgotten or had not been discussed yet or enough. However, before I give you …

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