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VDI Base Image: The Missing Step

How far can you go when creating the perfect base image for your VDI deployment? I haven’t stopped searching for the Holy Grail, however I have recently figured out that a very critical step in the base image creation was missing, forgotten or had not been discussed yet or enough. However, before I give you …

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How to read Linked Clone Storage Provisioning metrics in vCenter

Understanding storage resource utilisation by a virtual machine in vCenter Client is not difficult, especially when Thick Provisioning is in use. When the virtual machine is using Thick Provisioning all three metrics (Provisioned Storage, Not-Shared Storage and Used Storage) show exactly the same numbers. When using Thin Provisioning the amount of provisioned storage is displayed, …

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APAC Virtualization Roundtable (Storage: Myths, Mistakes and miracles?) – Wed 2/3

This week Alastair Cooke will be talking storage with Otto Le Roux of Datastor, a New Zealand storage distributor with plenty of virtualisation focus.     * SMB Storage     * Unified storage value     * Common design & implementation issues     * iSCSI vs FC vs FCoE You can participate via web accessing Title: …

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