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VDI 500 User FAST Pool Project

If you have been following my recent posts you probably noticed that few of them relate to EMC storage arrays with FAST Cache and FAST VP implementation. If you would like to know more about how FAST Cache works I suggest the reading my article EMC FAST Cache effectiveness with VDI. No, I am not …

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VDI Steady State Workload with VNX FAST Cache [Video]

Last week I published the first of a series of videos that I have been recording for use by the EMC vSpecialist team. The videos are focused on VDI and EMC technology. The first one was VDI Bootstorm with VNX FAST Cache [Video]. This is the second video and it validates VNX FAST Cache ability …

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Offloading Virtual Desktop IOs with Atlantis ILIO: Deep Dive

For the past weeks I have been extensively testing and validating ILIO technology developed by Atlantis Computing. I have briefly mentioned ILIO in my articles How to offload Write IOs from VDI deployments and EMC FAST Cache effectiveness with VDI. Atlantis Computing is a privately held startup. ILIO is a storage virtual appliance with remarkable …

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