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View VSA Recompose Time Issue & Workaround

The View Storage Accelerator (aka VSA or CBRC) feature is part of vSphere 5 and later and is used by VMware View. VSA helps to address some of the performance bottlenecks and the increase storage cost for VDI. CBRC is a 100% host-based RAM-Based caching solution that helps to reduce read IOs issued to the …

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My Work & Home Lab Environments

This is one of those geek posts that are interesting to the community IMO. I am frequently asked about the lab environment I am using for prototyping End User Computing stuff and general VMware product learning and testing. People ask me what kind of physical hardware and logical setup I am using to interact with …

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Should I use DRAM as storage for VDI deployments?

This is an interesting topic that I came across few times but more recently is finding its way into organizations due to lower SLC SSD acquisition cost. Let’s put the discussion in context… Architects should embrace different deployment approaches that properly fit the intended use case. That’s a foundational design principle – use case always …

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