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Storage made simple, use the VDI Storage Decision Tree

I have lost track of how many articles about VDI and Storage I have written. It seems that no matter how many times I write about it people are still  confused about what type of storage technology to choose from when architecting VDI solutions. Yet this week I had to explain the difference between XtremeIO, Atlantis …

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Samsung disrupts VDI and DaaS architecture models

It is just amazing when a new technology comes together to disrupt deployment and architecture models. I have previously stated that I am a supporter of persistent desktops, just because it is easier to manage, admins can use the tools they are familiar with, and make sense nowadays. Non-persistent desktops, linked clones, and alternative image …

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Crumpled DATA under your mattress (The EUC Drama)

The Edward Snowden case made me think about how organizations are handling data today, and how I’m handling and storing my own personal data. According to Snowden, the NSA’s surveillance programs, which Snowden exposed, allow the government to tap into anyone’s data with the consent from the major cloud players. Edward Snowden went further and …

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