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Nutanix One-Click Upgrade Demo Video (Simple & Easy)

As the name says, it’s a One-Click NOS upgrade for the entire Nutanix cluster. Nutanix one-click upgrade automatically indicates when a new NOS version is available and it will auto-download the binaries if the auto-download option is enabled. With a single-click to upgrade all nodes in a cluster Nutanix will use a highly parallel process …

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Web-Scale IT. It’s Here. It’s Now.

Web-Scale IT. It’s here; it’s now and is allowing IT to seamlessly and effortlessly support the pace and growth of business. I’m looking forward to the Web-Scale Wednesday Event happening June 25th, 2014 and hence decided to re-visit one of my articles about Web-Scale properties, and explaining the properties with more business focus. Web-Scale IT …

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Nutanix named a ‘Visionary’ by Gartner (My take on it!)

When I decided to join Nutanix  6 months ago I knew exactly what the company ‘grand’ vision was and I also knew that Nutanix had a fantastic engineering team that came from Google, Facebook, Amazon etc. For this reason an award like the one recently announced by Gartner doesn’t surprise me at all. I’ve known …

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