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All Nutanix 4.1 Features Overview in One Page (Beyond Marketing)

Nutanix announced recently NOS 4.1. This release is mostly focused on enhancements for the areas of resiliency, security, disaster recovery, analytics, supportability and management. However, even being a ‘dot’ release, NOS 4.1 delivers very important features, and in my option this version has enough meat to actually even be considered a major release. It’s been only …

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How to Size Nutanix Capacity… the Unofficial Calculator!

A frequent question I get is related to Nutanix capacity sizing. Sizing Nutanix is not complicated and Steven Poitras did an excellent job explaining the process at The Nutanix Bible (here). However, as the Nutanix cluster grows overtime and different HDD/SSD capacities are introduced, the calculation starts to get a little bit trickier; specially when …

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Nutanix 4.1 Features Overview (Beyond Marketing) – Part 3

Couple weeks ago I published the first and second parts of a multi-month announcement for NOS 4.1; this is the third part of the announcement. If you missed the first two parts you can read it at Nutanix 4.1 Features Overview (Beyond Marketing) – Part 1 and Nutanix 4.1 Features Overview (Beyond Marketing) – Part 2. …

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