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Eric Siebert (@ericsiebert ) has officially opened the pools for this year’s vSphere-Land Top bloggers List.
If you like VDI,
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If you like this blog,
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In 2010 the blog was amongst the top 40.
In 2011 the blog was amongst the top 20.
In 2012 the blog was amongst the top 15.
Let’s aim for top 10 this year!
For me 2013 was a very good year, full of challenges and opportunities. I tried to keep my blogging at a steady pace and managed to push out over 138 articles, demos and videos – some of them of a great deal in my opinion. Every day I find more and more that sharing is only expanding my horizons, and I really enjoy doing it.

Hard to pick, but in my opinion here are my top 5 articles for the year:


I hope you enjoyed reading my articles as much as I did writing them for you and I truly appreciate your vote.


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