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Just like other years Eric Siebert is doing an awesome work, spending his own personal time to create the vSphere-Land Top virtualization bloggers List. (this blog) has finished in 14th place for the last two years, coming down from the 17th and 39th the years before. In all truth, all bloggers are doing an excellent job, using their personal time to contribute and share experiences and challenges with the community.

As the datacenter technology tides are changing I have also changed my blogging content, moving from discussions centered around EUC and evangelizing on Horizon View and vSphere, to a more broad datacenter infrastructure focus on web-scale and scale-out architectures, most specifically focusing Nutanix technologies. However, I have not been shy on few topics of my interested that not necessarily represent the views and opinions of my employer, including:



Eric Siebert has officially opened the pools for this year’s vSphere-Land Top bloggers List (read his introduction blog here).


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