Blogging for a Cause

This week, five months ago Virtual Cloud was inaugurated. At that time I wasn’t sure if I would be able to find enough content to populate the blog but I have learned that the more you write the easier it gets.

After 51 posts I am still here, and about a month ago the blog was migrated to a new domain and received some publicity banners. I don’t expect to make any money out of this blog and that never was my intention when I started blogging. I was only trying to be part of the community, be seen as a reference for virtualization and share some knowledge.

I now have the people that I used to follow and label them as virtualization gurus talking and discussing with me. I think I was successful in my initiative and I’m happy for that.

December alone, since the blog was migrated to the new URL, there were almost 60,000 hits.


The Charity

During 2010, 25% of the money generated by this blog will go to an institution nominated by my readers. Every 3 months a public pool will decide a new institution in the need for the money and the donation receipt will be posted online.

Unfortunately I am not allowed to encourage my readers to click on AD’s (AdSense Rules) but you may be able to donate a U$ 1.00 via PayPal. The donate icon is on the Blogging for a Cause page (

We are very fortunate to able to discuss about green computing, savings from consolidation etc… Some people would like to have some medical assistance and others just a plate of food.

If you are a blog owner and would like to join me in this movement please get in contact with me through the About page.

In the meantime I am accepting suggestions for the first institution!


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