Andre Leibovici

Andre Leibovici is Sr. Director for Partner Innovation and Vertical Alliances at Nutanix.Previously Andre worked for VMware as a Sr. Staff Architect in the CTO Office and EMC. Andre’s expertise is backed by 25+ years’ industry experience in IT and teams for large organizations.

Andre has co-authored 2 books on VMware Horizon View published by Packt Publishing. He has also written well over 600 articles and white papers on subjects such as security, virtualization, cloud computing, health IT and web-scale technologies. Andre is a frequent speaker including delivering the keynote addresses at the multiple VMware VMUGs and vForums across the globe, and .NEXT Tours in Canada, Ecuador, Colombia and Brazil. He has presented at Citrix Synergy as well as at 5 VMWorlds.

Andre is also involved with tech innovation and angel investing, and has mentored multiple Silicon Valley startups thru his association with Alchemist Accerelator, including YotaScale, Swipe, SalesIntel, Performance Sherpa, OpenChannel and Deferpanic.

Andre’s blog ( has been consistently voted as one of the Top 25 virtualization blogs in the world.

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