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Andre currently works at Datrium as Field CTO and VP for Solutions and Alliances. Andre also worked at Nutanix as a Sr. Director for Alliances Engineering and Vertical Alliances, at VMware as a Sr. Staff Architect in the CTO Office and at EMC. Andre’s expertise is backed by 25+ years’ industry experience in IT and managing teams for large organizations. Andre has authored two books on VMware Horizon View published by Packt Publishing. He has also written over 600 articles and white papers on subjects such as security, virtualization, cloud computing, health IT and web-scale technologies. Andre is a frequent speaker including delivering the keynote addresses at many VMware VMUGs and vForums across the globe, and .NEXT Tours in Canada, Ecuador, Colombia, and Brazil. Andre has presented at Citrix Synergy as well as at 5 VMworld. Andre is also involved with tech innovation, and angel investing and has mentored multiple Silicon Valley start-ups thru his association with Alchemist Accelerator, including YotaScale, Swipe, SalesIntel, Performance Sherpa, OpenChannel, Keewi, and Deferpanic. Andre’s blog ( has been consistently voted as one of the Top 15 virtualization blogs in the world. Follow me on Twitter @andreleibovici GitHub

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UCS (Unified Computing System) Key Concepts

UCS (Unified Computing System) is Cisco’s first entry into the x86 server market. This paper provides insight into both the Cisco Data Centre 3.0 strategy, and UCS, which is a key enabler to DC 3.0.  It discusses products within the UCS range at a component level, such as blade and rack mount server offerings, and …

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VMware View Higher Levels of Availability

I have been working with VMware View since version 2.0, and I have to admit that VMware has made significant improvements on version 3.1. The Connection Broker availability has always been a point of discussion so VMware released a replica server mode. It works with ADAM  (Active Directory Application Mode) that is replicated to a …

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The Structure of the New IT Frontier: Cloud Computing

The people from the Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering from The University of Melbourne has been doing an amazing job compiling a meaningful quick-reference document explaining Cloud Computing for newbie’s. The document answer question like “What is Cloud Computing and who are the teams playing in this space?” and deep also in service …

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