Architecting EUC Solutions by Brian Suhr

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This time around I’m here to promote a colleague’s book in the End User Computing space — no need to mention that EUC has a cozy space in my heart.

It’s not often in the tech industry that authors manage to write a book that is completely agnostic to vendors and solutions. Brian Suhr tells me that his book has a vendor agnostic approach to designing modern EUC solutions.

The book cover strategy, roadmap and design, while identifying and documenting use cases.

According to Brian the book arms architects with the important tools that help them make better design decisions for VDI, physical devices, application presentation, user profiles, web portals, security, networking and infrastructure.

Unfortunately I have not read the book yet, but I’m hoping to get a free signed copy soon. However, I know the caliber of Brian as a technologist since he also works at Nutanix and I have seen his work and writing at first hand.


If you are interested, here is the link to the book at Amazon.


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