APAC Virtualization Roundtable Podcast

I’d like to start this post saying that many of us from the virtualization community in the APAC region would like to join the official VMware Communities Roundtable hosted by John Troyer (@jtroyer) every Wednesday. However at that time most of us in this region (Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore etc…) are probably asleep, getting ready for another day of work. Rest assured that we always download the podcasts from iTunes to listen during our trips to work. We think that you guys are doing a pretty good job!

In summary, we are on the right side of the world but in the wrong time zone.

This year we finally have received support from VMware Australia to resuscitate the Sydney VMUG that went under probably about 18 months ago. See http://myvirtualcloud.net/?p=502

Whilst that’s great, I still wanted to take yet another step. So I twitted the fellow APAC tweeps asking if they would like to start our own virtualization roundtable podcast and the response was a resounding chorus saying ‘Yes’.

So now I am here, sort of in charge of organizing this live podcast that in my mind has the objective to discuss anything about virtualization & clouds. Not only VMware but also other technologies, and even having some vendors to join us and explain their products.

I’ll do my best to keep it running for the APAC users but I am sure I will need help at some point in time. At the end of the day I am doing this work pro bono (no pay), so any help will be very welcome.

To find the best time to suit everybody I have created a pool, please vote based the best time for you to join the live cast. If we run this podcast at noon (Sydney time) it will be 5PM at Palo Alto (California) and we may be able to have some of the folks there joining our call.

Anyway, I’ll leave up to you. Please vote!! (Attention: This poll is in Sydney time UCT+10)


  1. Cool idea will be in count me in from the WA side 🙂


  2. @David Francis
    Thank you David. Let me know any specific subjects you would like us to cover.

    • dmVI on 02/03/2010 at 7:51 pm

    Bugger! I’m in Auckland and would like to join however even 11pm is a bit too late for me (guess I’ll be downloading the podcast as well!) Maybe the next roundtable could be shifted to an hour or two earlier start? No worries if the majority thinks not!

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