APAC Virtualisation Podcast (The Citrix Labs Vision with Michael Harris) – Wed 24/3

The man who does not read good books has no advantage over the man who cannot read them.
– Mark Twain

This week’s guest is Michael Harries from Citrix Labs and Technoist blog.  Michael will discuss how Citrix Labs was involved in many of the important features in Citrix’s past present and future products.  Topics will include what cloud might actually mean, the future of client virtualisation and the mobile device you may carry in five years time.

This is actually a very important moment in the history of this podcast. Alaistair Cooke will be hosting the next couple podcasts. He is a full time trainer, teaching mainly VMware and HP Proliant courses in New Zealand and Australia. Prior to training he was a Systems Engineer at Gen-I and Fujitsu and a contractor in the UK. Welcome on board Alaistair!

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Title: EPISODE8 – The Citrix Labs Vision with Michael Harris
Start Time (EDT): Wed 17/3/10 09:00 PM EST (SYDNEY TIME)
Duration (minutes): 60 Call ID: 75046

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