APAC Virtualisation Podcast (Network Virtualization – Nicira) – Wed 10/3 @ 9pm SYD

This week we have a special guest – Martin Casado.

Martin is co-founder and CTO of Nicira networks, a venture funded company in the network virtualization space. He is involved in the Open vSwitch project, a soft switch for virtual environments, and the design and promotion of OpenFlow, an effort to enable open, programmatic control of network hardware.

He holds a PhD in computer science from Stanford University in 2007 and a masters in 2005. He maintains a position at Stanford as consulting professor.

His prior experience includes positions at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories and IBM’s TJ Watson research center, both in network research."

Martin will discuss the intersection of the networking and IaaS clouds. More specifically, technology trends for virtualizing networking so that you maintain the guarantees of hardware with the properties of virtualization (treat your network hardware as a resource pool, unlimited mobility, HA, etc.).

There are currently many suggested approaches for this, add an appliance (NetScaler/Vyatta), tag traffic and send it to the ToR (VEPA, VNTag), process in the NIC (SR-IOV which is being pushed by the IHVs), pull networking into the vSwitch etc. He will go through these technologies and discuss their various tradeoffs. 

“It is interesting to note that most of the them are artifacts of business objectives rather than sound engineering”, according to Martin.

His position is that you can get everything promised by these techniques, and more, using standard virtualization stacks and commodity hardware, and going the way of the mainframe (e.g. UCS) is absolutely the the wrong approach.


This promises to be a very interesting conversation!


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Title: EPISODE6 – Network Virtualisation
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