Additional facts or tips on Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS)


Here are some additional interesting facts or tips to complete the excellent list already compiled by Rodney Haywood (@rodos).


  • Licence Numbers are specific to each physical system’s serial number.
  • Virtual Media Server only mount ISO/IMG files hosted locally  in your workstation (no Map or FQDN).
  • KVM requires a valid block of IPs, even thou it’s for internal use only.
  • USC 6100’s cluster is Active/Passive and will not fallback automatically in case of a failure.
  • UCS 6100’s northbound connections to the network infrastructure are 10 GB only (1GB to be released).
  • SAN boot is only possible when using Menlo and Palo mezzanines cards.
  • B200 blades have single CNA adaptor. For redundancy B250 blades are required.
  • For cluster and console ETH connectors you will need cables without sleeves. See photo bellow.