Nov 15 2009

Additional facts or tips on Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS)


Here are some additional interesting facts or tips to complete the excellent list already compiled by Rodney Haywood (@rodos).


  • Licence Numbers are specific to each physical system’s serial number.
  • Virtual Media Server only mount ISO/IMG files hosted locally  in your workstation (no Map or FQDN).
  • KVM requires a valid block of IPs, even thou it’s for internal use only.
  • USC 6100’s cluster is Active/Passive and will not fallback automatically in case of a failure.
  • UCS 6100’s northbound connections to the network infrastructure are 10 GB only (1GB to be released).
  • SAN boot is only possible when using Menlo and Palo mezzanines cards.
  • B200 blades have single CNA adaptor. For redundancy B250 blades are required.
  • For cluster and console ETH connectors you will need cables without sleeves. See photo bellow.

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