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Jul 05 2015

Welcome to the New Nutanix Native File Services (NAS) & Tech-Preview Demo

During the .NEXT conference we announced a new Native File Services (NAS). Why? Whilst Nutanix solves the primary storage performance and capacity conundrum where generally speaking the most important is $/IO and whereas flash technology play a key role in continuously driving costs down, many customers still utilizing their external NAS for storing unstructured data such …

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Jan 11 2015

The One with the GPU Graphics Performance

Those who follow my articles know that I have always been a big supporter of VDI as a method to simplify desktop administration, reduce costs, improve user experience, increase productivity, provide remote access and enable BYOD, and provide an effective disaster recovery solution for workspaces. Whilst VDI has delivered on these promises, there has been …

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Nov 30 2014

Nutanix Metro Availability Operations – Part 2

In the first part of this Nutanix Metro Availability series I discussed the datacenter failure recovery operation (failover) to a secondary site. In this second part I talk about the operational procedure to resume normal operations back to the primary site (failback) after a successful failover operation. If you missed the announcement of NOS 4.1, please …

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