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Nov 23 2014

Nutanix Metro Availability Operations – Part 1

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Nov 20 2014

Understanding the Enterprise Storage Market State

Peter Thiel in his book Zero to One describes, perfect competition as both the ideal and the default state in Economics 101. So-called perfectly competitive markets achieve equilibrium when producer supplies meet consumer demand. Every firm in a competitive market is undifferentiated and sells the same homogeneous products. A parallel can be drawn between the …

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Aug 14 2014

Nutanix, Software Defined Storage Players and My VMworld Sessions!

I should be on leave this week in preparation for the marathon during next two weeks, but I am not. I am rather working furiously on a number of different Nutanix partnerships and announcements. BTW – Big Nutanix announcement coming sometime next week. Next week is also the Nutanix SKO ‘Sales KickOff’ and this time it’s …

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