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Aug 30 2015

Danger! Beware of potential Data Loss through Bit Rot…

Not all Hyperconverged Solutions are created equal. It’s all very well for vendors to discuss data resiliency and data recovery, but when they claim to support Tier One workloads, yet are not giving real consideration and protection to customer’s data, then there is a problem for the customer. One such example is VSAN. Unfortunately for …

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Aug 22 2015

Nutanix All Flash, Only When Required – VM Pinning


Nutanix continues to innovate at an incredible pace, with new features released every few months. All that is possible only because the data and management fabrics are completely independent from the hypervisor, not in-kernel. This enforced detachment has also allowed Nutanix to implement features such as non-disruptive upgrades for the entire stack, including drivers, firmware …

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Aug 16 2015

Why we all love Virtualization and Hyperconvergence… it’s Transformational


I remember the day I saw my first vMotion – unbelievable it has been that long ago – but now VM live migration is a standard for all hypervisors. When we all decided to adopt virtualization we had some clear benefits in mind, and those boil down fundamentally to better resource utilization, reduced datacenter footprint, …

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