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Jul 05 2015

Welcome to the New Nutanix Native File Services (NAS) & Tech-Preview Demo

During the .NEXT conference we announced a new Native File Services (NAS). Why? Whilst Nutanix solves the primary storage performance and capacity conundrum where generally speaking the most important is $/IO and whereas flash technology play a key role in continuously driving costs down, many customers still utilizing their external NAS for storing unstructured data such …

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Apr 27 2015

Tech Reasons why Nutanix leads the VDI industry

It has been a long time ago since I explored Nutanix technology with VDI lens. Features have been added to the platform since my last article on the subject, but Nutanix is still unquestionably my infrastructure of choice for VDI; not because I work for Nutanix, but because there are very good reasons for that. Since this is a …

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Apr 08 2015

Are PoC and Pilot no longer required for VDI deployments?


Back in 2011, in the world of SAN, I wrote an article called “VDI USER EXPERIENCE and USER ACCEPTANCE”. The article iterated through my experiences reviving failed VDI deployments due to poor technical design; mostly driven by storage performance complications. In my article I explain that the User Experience is the interaction between users and …

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