Jun 28 2015

How to Enable Nutanix Acropolis HA [Video]

By now you are probably aware that Nutanix released its own hypervisor called Nutanix Acropolis, but in case you missed the news check The New Nutanix Xtreme Computing Platform (XCP) & Acropolis Hypervisor. Acropolis comes with many of the features you would expect from an enterprise ready product; including VM Management (VM Operations, Resource Scheduling, Live Migration, Snapshots and Clones, High Availability, IP Management, Analytics, Remote Console) and Host Management (Host Profiles, Virtual Networking, Non-Disruptive Upgrades).

The video below quickly demonstrate how to enable High Availability on a per VM basis, but also make sure you check the Nutanix Acropolis Hypervisor Walkthrough video.


[Watch in 1080p Full Screen]


  • Best Effort works as you might expect where in the event of a node failure, VMs are powered on throughout the cluster if resources are available. In the event resources e.g.: Memory, are not available then some/all VMs may not be powered on.
  • Reserve Space also works as you might expect by reserving enough compute capacity within the cluster to tolerate either one or two node failures. If RF2 is configured then one node is reserved and if RF3 is in use, two nodes are reserved.


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Jun 21 2015

Keep your dreams alive… a personal story

In March of 1996 myself and two friends left the land of Brazil, en-route to an adventure that would change our lives forever. As teenagers, my buddies and I had spent the previous year planning an intrepid ‘roughcut’ journey, destination Middle East. All plans were well organised and set. Fate took a hand however and a last minute change resulted in the three of us arriving in Australia. With little planning, we were armed with backpacks and about $1,000 cash in our pockets. We wondered if it would be enough for our one year adventure the had been dreaming of for so long?

Australia seemed so distant, so different, and so magic!! We worked in casual jobs from fruit picker (tomatoes, watermelon, red peppers etc.) to kitchen hand, anything we could get we would take. We lived from hand to mouth, but what invigorating, adventure filled times we had! From Melbourne to Perth we travelled. The spectacular, scorched outback we crossed. We lived in the world of the backpacker, soaking up the Australian lifestyle and enjoying parties. From the world of the South American student it was the realisation of a dream … 1 year in the exotic landscape of Australia.

I had to experience the world, learn new things and Australia was not enough any longer. Living cheaply, from Australia to many of the Asia Pacific islands was just a natural evolution of my journey.

This was the only time in my life where technology was not my hobby or work; and it’s interesting for me to reflect on this time where I was not defined by my interest or profession.

I was one of this group of friends and ever since my departure back to Brazil, I dreamed about going back to Australia, settling and building my life in that beautiful country.

I dutifully went back to Brazil worked hard and climbed up the corporate career ladder. I had a great lifestyle and friends, but the dream of going back to Australia never left my mind. 12 long years passed until the day that the American company I was working in Brazil, gave me the opportunity to be relocated to Sydney to work as an Engineer. I was then the IT Manager for Brazil and a position as an Engineer would be a step back in my professional career but I didn’t need to think twice – the decision was made – some times a step back is necessary to take two steps forward. I decided to pack and move! After the transition to my new role, thankfully, it was not long before I was rewarded and promoted to Manager for Australia and New Zealand.

In Australia I had settled into a great lifestyle. The greatest miracle is that in this country I found the girl of my dreams and we married in 2007! (Like in all great stories there is room for love!).

Forever looking for enriching opportunities I moved into the world of virtualization and cloud computing, travelled more and started sharing my knowledge through a personal blog, getting involved with the tech community and hosting podcasts.

It was not long after that another dream, to work in Silicon Valley, knocked on my door (well, more like I knocked on the door). Being in Silicon Valley was like learning technology and entrepreneurism from the fire hose; so many interesting people from all over the world, so much aspiration to build something meaningful; to advance the world through technology.

From technology consumer to vendor, then to the start-up world was just a natural consequence of my constant search for enrichment and new experiences.

I have written about working for a start-up ”The truth about working for a Startup”. This post however, is not about work; and certainly not about start-ups; but about me and about always pursuing dreams and sharing your passion with the world.

My name is Andre Leibovici and this is my story. I have found it to be true that positive thoughts and hard work takes you all the way to where you want to be. I still have a ton of dreams to fulfil. Now about that boating adventure…


There are many people who helped me along the way; so special thanks to Marcelo, Andre, Rebecca, Tom, Chad, Scott, Sudheesh and Dheeraj.


If you would like to learn more about Silicon Valley I recommend a book a good friend gave me Starting Up Silicon Valley: How ROLM Became a Cultural Icon and Fortune 500 Company.


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Jun 13 2015

Nutanix .NEXT Tech KeyNote [Video]

With Apple style announcements (announce today, available tomorrow) Nutanix 1st day keynote was full of innovation and product updates. Watch here Sunil Potti, Rajiv Mirani and Binny Gill on the stage delivering the news to the ~950 .NEXT attendees.



This article was first published by Andre Leibovici (@andreleibovici) at myvirtualcloud.net

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