Apr 29 2014

VDI Calculator v5.8 is Now Available with XenDesktop support for Nutanix


Today I am announcing the general availability of the new VDI Calculator v5.8. This new version introduces few  important features.

  • XenDesktop support for Nutanix Platform – previously only Horizon View calculations on Nutanix platform was possible. This release introduces full calculation for XenDesktop pooled and assigned on Nutanix.
  • Increase to up to 5 Desktop Types – previously a maximum of three different desktop types could be configured. This release allows for a maximum of five desktop types to be simultaneously calculated . This feature is specially helpful for large VDI deployments with multiple departments using multiple different master images.
  • Italian and French Languages Support – in addition to Chinese and Spanish. The calculator will automatically follow regional settings and provide you with your language.
  • Squashed few little bugs



I would like to acknowledge the great work from Frank Fan, Javier Larea, Emmanuel Bernard and Fabrizio de Luca  for their contributions to the multi-language support. The screenshot below detonates the Italian version of the calculator.


Important Notes

  • Java  will request authorization to execute. This will be fixed for the next release.
  • There is a known issue when loading a saved calculation with more than 1 desktop type. In this case you must first open the amount of Desktop Tabs you want to load from the saved file. You do that clicking on (+) and (-).


To access the new VDI calculator click here.


This article was first published by Andre Leibovici (@andreleibovici) at myvirtualcloud.net.

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  1. banc

    Hi Andre

    Great to see yet another version with even more features! Is there any chance you can add the NX1050 nodes? We see many projects coming for the smaller nodes…

    1. Andre Leibovici

      @banc can you tell me why NX1050 are being used for VDI? Branch offices or similar?

      1. banc

        Hi Andre

        We have many smaller customers which are building environments for 50-200 VDI desktops. Often with a NX-1350 we can satisfy their requirements.

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