4 Simple Steps to HCI Testing

HyperConvergence is a hot market and more technology vendors are trying to get their share in this fastest-growing segment, either with homegrown solutions or technology acquisitions. According to Gartner the overall market for integrated systems will reach $5 billion by 2019.

It’s not surprising that with these many entrants in this game it is not easy for IT teams to pick the right HCI solution, and the FUD spread by vendors is certainly not trivial.

In an internal Slack conversation, Tony Holland, one of our Systems Architects, summarized well how customers should pick the right HCI solutions before starting to compare features and performance; it all starts with testing the resiliency. Resiliency is the heart of an HCI solution, without resiliency you are risking uptime, SLA, data, and applications.


Here is a simple 4 step list on how to test that a given HCI solution is bulletproof from a resiliency perspective.

  1. Fail a hard drive when doing the storage benchmarks
  2. Take Snapshots every 1 hour for a full 24-hour benchmark
  3. Fail an entire node/server during the benchmarking
  4. Have a noisy neighbor issue by:
  • Running a full virus scan over all servers in test
  • Boot up 100 desktops simultaneously


Once you have completed the tests and you are confident that all chosen HCI solutions are able to withstand hardware failures, snapshot chains, and noisy neighbor issues, now you can move onto feature, performance and stack comparisons.

My recommendation is to always start with these 4 simple resiliency tests.

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