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Datrium DVX Architecture with Devin Hamilton

We have partnered with @vBrownBag and @thectoadvisor to demonstrate the simplicity of the Datrium solution. In this video, Devin Hamilton, our Director of System Engineering, talks with Alastair Cooke about Datrium DVX Architecture and Open Convergence overview.   Open Convergence is really, kind of the combination of all the greatest things that SAN ever provided, all …

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Sooner or Later, Storage Drives, Disk or SSD, will Fail!

Storage arrays and HCI systems come in all shapes and sizes with vastly different architectures tailored to a variety of use cases. One thing they all have in common is that, sooner or later, storage drives, disk or SSDs, will fail. Entire drives may become unavailable, or they may silently lose a few sectors to …

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