Monthly Archive: September 2015

Prism Central and NOS 4.1.5, NCC 2.0.2 and Tech Preview Features – What’s New!

This week Nutanix made Prism Central 4.1.5, NOS 4.1.5 and NCC 2.0.2 releases available. These are all small maintenance releases, but they have some good improvements for the areas data protection and reliability; and some tech preview features. In a Nutanix fashion these updates are coming only couple months after the 4.1.4 release, and also follow the traditional non-disruptive …

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New Nutanix “Pin to SSD” Demo

As you probably have seen Nutanix recently announced during .NEXT conference a feature that will allow VM flash pinning even on hybrid nodes and cluster. This is not yet released, but when it is, it will allow VM’s and virtual disks to be pinned to the flash tier on a discrete basis. I also wrote about …

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