July 2015 archive

Prism Central and NOS 4.1.4, NCC 2.0.1 and Acropolis – What’s New!

This week Nutanix made Prism Central and NOS 4.1.4 releases available; but also NCC 2.0.1 and Acropolis release 20150616 . These are all maintenance releases, but they have some good improvements for the areas security, reliability, scalability and stability. In a Nutanix fashion these updates are coming only 2 months after the 4.1.3 release, and also follow the traditional non-disruptive …

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This is How Nutanix Protect your Data

Nutanix is paranoid about data loss and enforces multiple architectural considerations and checks to ensure data is always protected and available. Some of Nutanix architectural considerations include zero single points of failure or bottleneck for management services, creating system tolerance to failures. Tolerance of failures is key to a stable, scalable distributed system, and ability to function in …

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