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The World Revolving Around Users, Applications and Data

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What’s Next for VDI and Application Publishing?

At Citrix Synergy earlier this month I was interviewed by LoginVSI (thanks for the opportunity!) where I talk about the state of VDI and Application Publishing industry, and where I believe the industry will be moving to… it’s about application data!     If you want to find out more about my thoughts on data centric security read my article Data Centric …

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Hyper-Convergence is a Commodity. Now What?!

Years ago web companies started to face pressure from the business to deliver better service and agility at lower costs. However, Tech Ops and IT departments were always entrenched into complex system configurations, domain-specific skill sets and lack of resource elasticity, effectively under-delivering on business needs. Going back in time… in early 2000’s VMware revolutionized …

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